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Utter, voice actions for the Moto X impaired

Hello there! Tonight I’m going to talk about a new app that I’ve found, reading on some blog around the interwebs… quite a generic sentence. It is a really nice and useful app called “utter!”. It claims to be a voice assistant app, but more useful than the iOS’s Siri, which is quite a claim! One of its main differences is that utter! supports offline actions (using Google’s offline voice recognition feature).

It is still under heavy development, but it has potential to be one of Andoid’s killer apps, that if we’re not counting on the improvements of Google Now’s usefulness (which still doesn’t offer offline support). Even still being a BETA app, if you need to use your device while driving, or cooking, or running, or simply having your hands busy, it is THE app to install, since it handles most day-to-day needs.

About the voice actions, it has plenty. From telling you what time it is, to setting alarms and replying messages, seemed quite complete to me (it still needs to support Hangouts better). It also offers Tasker integration, which is a really really nice thing, if you bought the app, unlike me. 🙂 For the power users out there, it allows you to customize new commands and to call actions such as Android activities and applications, simplifying the “action calling” process. That alone makes it very very useful. I found some minor hiccups using it on my Nexus 4 (such as a small conflict with “always listening wake-up” and playing music at the same time) but nothing that prevented me from using it. Even with these minor defects, it is still more useful than the Google Now + OpenMic+ combo.

You should check it out, it’s free! Share your review, and don’t forget to report bugs using the internal tool, so you can reach the developer in an easy way, leaving the Play Store alone. Well, that’s it for tonight, I’m going to check out so, take care. Also this post was entirely dictated, minus a few corrections of course, using my phone at a Google Keep note. Bye.


Learning a lot, working a little more…

Hey there again. Well, the new project is going OK, but… while the first week was great, the second came with a surprise bomb, and now we’re trying desperately hard to beat a tight deadline for an out-of-mind scope. At least I’m learning more Java than I thought I would.

No clue that this post is just a small “bump” for the blog, since I’m quite busy and I don’t even have time to update this thing (it’s also of course not near my “top priority”). Anyways, see you in a few days. I’ll probably be able to write a bit by Friday. Let’s see how it goes.