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Don’t break the owl

Well, I’m struggling to create original content for the blog, but I’m doing my best to write every day (okay, not my best, it’s not the plan to kill myself for it… for now :). Seinfeld’s “Don’t break the chain” is a nice perseverance exercise, and here I am, trying not to break it.

I’ve also been dedicating at least a lesson everyday on Duolingo, and its awesome Android app. HabitRPG says I’m “green” with a score of 1.6 at it, so I guess it’s been ok. Plan to finish the English module, which I’m halfway through, and then starting a different language (perhaps German or even Spanish, to improve some of my beginner level). I highly recommend it if you’re interested in studying new languages, since it can evaluate some of your spelling (at the Web app), has reminders to bug you to study everyday (and avoid hurting the owl’s feelings) and is gamified, so you can actually compete with friends while studying. 🙂

I’ll put some subjects at my Keep so I don’t need to just write about something on the spot. I can do it, but lacks quality… anyway, baba, the chain lives to see another day.