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As far as motivation goes…

So I find myself at this wonderful weekend, nothing to do but fun stuff, including writing to the blog. If you can’t see posts from the mentioned period, well, you can already guess what’s going on. It’s been hard to focus and code/write while at home. I only tend to do it when I’m alone, and so far, it’s been a complete mess.

Apart from playing with XBMC (installed some games, emulators/roms, played with radio-streaming playlists, will dedicate posts for those in the future) and watching Saint Seiya episodes on youtube (oh old times… :D) nothing of value was generated. Also, headaches took a great deal of my will to do things and get up from bed.

And today, after I found that my old IBAK tablet (those cheap custom android things) is working again (it tends to stop working from time to time, and function again after a week of two of deep unchgarged rest), I’ve decided to read some more of Steve Jobs’ biography, which is great and inspiring. Not that I think he’s a role model (far from that, as a person he played pretty awfully with others, check Folklore.org or read the book for some examples), but his will to change the way things were done seems to motivate me. So much that I actually got out of bed (it’s 10 PM atm), and wrote this post.

I’m figuring out how to pipeline daily posts into wordpress so that I have content everyday and keep the writing to “when I can”. See you tomorrow! 😉