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Blogging from my ancient Android tablet

Hey there, this is the first post I’m attempting to deliver from one of my cheap tablets (this one being written from an Eyo net-tab, I guess, the name may vary, also looks nothing like the picture), through the amazing WordPress app. I’m typing at one of those mini USB keyboards residing on an imitation leather cover, and I must say that it’s not that bad…

Lately I’ve been playing with some JavaScript engine called JAWS, and a game is starting to take some form. >:) It’s being hard to blog, sometimes due to lazyness, other times to being quite busy (thank HabitRPG for that), but I’m trying… trust me! 🙂

Also been using Hibernate at a Java SE application, and I can’t say bad things about it (aside reproducing some JPA bugs with floating point numbers at MySQL, but nothing directly related to Hibernate), in fact, it indeed made my life much easier with the Netbeans plugin that does all the “low-level” SQL work leaving you with ready-to-use objects from database tables, and that’s simply wonderful! No need to re-invent the wheel everytime you start a new application. This way I can focus more at UI level programming and doing a much more polished job.

For tonight, that’s it. I’ll be back later.

PS.: The WordPress app sucks at dealing with links at edit level I’ll put the text links later.

Update:  even the wordpress admin panel is not hanling links correctly at WYSIWYG editor, had to place links directly into the post’s HTML.