JenPop: genetic populations in your hands

I’ve started developing a new hobby project (yeah, why not finish the other projects first?), that can create entire generations of nodes based on a single parent, according to the rules and score methods you provide! It’s JenPop (if you didn’t guess, J is for Java :D, Gen is for genetic, Pop is for population) and I already have code to throw at you!

At the moment, only 2 features are available:

  • Create generations and children (of any object) based on the rules you provide, from a parent class extending GeneticNode;
  • Get node scores and best nodes based on the rules you provide;

And as a bonus, a sample of Tic Tac Toe implementing the above features, that will never lose. Can’t lose even when playing against itself! 😀 For the moment, the only way you can download and use it is by downloading the tarball from my Google Drive, but I’ll host the project online as soon as I decide where to.

As the next step, I’m aiming into being able to process the best “path” to use after calculating nodes from many generations, looking at the possibilities from the current state. After that, I think I’ll implement some cross-over methods, so that you can “diverse” your population, it’s useful for some problems.

Needless to say, I’m quite happy with the results at this moment.

See ya!


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