Logic voice analyzer, too much Code Jam

Hey there I was quite busy this weekend, working on so much Code Jam problems, as a way to study, but also to blog about new achievements. As an achievement, this very post is making use of Android’s excellent voice recognition feature. I’m dictating this through my cellphone while laying down on the bed, so I don’t have to type through my cheap tablet’s keyboard.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am working my way through Africa 2010 Code Jam challenges and I’m quite stuck at its last problem, which requires a full logic sentence analyzer in order to find out the correct results. It is a very interesting problem to solve and at the same time a very hard one. In fact, nobody solved the large inputs on the contest because of the complexities involved. The organizers claim to have solved it by using some quite obscure linear algebra methods which I’m not very familiar with, so I’ve decided to code my own version to the problem, which will be of course sub optimal but I think it can solve the problem fast enough. We’ll see.

If you’re wondering how could I achieve this level of writing through dictation, well… the bad news is every once in a while I have to stop and correct some misbehavior on the detection of my voice. Still it is very productive, and since I don’t want to stop dictating to correct my words, I’m actually thinking a lot before speaking in order to avoid detection dead ends.

Well, that’s it for today, I hope I can make my blog posts about the code jam problems I’ve already solved, and have a continuous chain of blog posts for this week. See ya 🙂


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